How many times have you seen the statement above in the agent comments of an MLS listing? Regardless of its intent, it holds no weight with the NCREC. While the Commission does not require brokers to obtain square footage of a residential property, they do require it to be accurate if you include it in any listing, including the MLS. As a listing agent, you are not allowed to shift that responsibility to the buyer's side.

Further, all listing brokers are required to accurately calculate a property's square footage and retain a sketch of the property in the transaction file as to how they obtained their figures. The Commission does allow for those sketches to be provided by a professional, such as Carolina MeasurePro and is now an auditable item by the Commission.

Don't find your name published in the back of an upcoming bulletin. Square Footage reporting and retention requirements are now part of the NCREC "4 S's"

Yes, size really does matter. Square footage and acreage is the only metric in real estate that can be compared equally across all properties. If all else is equal, the only "apples-to-apples" comparison is size, and the price of that "size".

Under-reported footage can cost the seller, over-reported footage can cost the buyer. Both have recourses against their respective agents, their BIC and their firm. 

Does your listing square footage match the tax record, exactly?

If it does, it's like sending the message "Hey, come and audit my files" to the Real Estate Commission.

In the dreaded "back pages" section of the NCREC Bulletin...there are plenty of examples of, what is now, the #2 most actionable disciplinary issue behind Trust Accounts. Erroneous square footage reporting has cost licenses, returns of commissions and civil lawsuits by both buyers and sellers. The Commission has even mandated to some brokers that they are not allowed to measure their own listings.



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