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ATTENTION BROKERS & REALTORS® - NCREC now requires square footage calculation sketches to be in your listing files. Read More on NCREC 4 S's

Real Estate Brokers

Saving REALTORS® time, money and headache in having to procure their own measurements. Don't rely on old info for your new listing. Provide accurate information for your MLS listing. Buyer Agents, remember-you are equally responsible for accurate square footage disclosure to your clients.

Real Estate Sellers

Providing several measuring options to sellers allowing them to share with prospective buyers as showing handouts or as a brochure supplement. Don't under-price your home based on inaccruate square footage.

Why Carolina measurepro?


The two most important factors in determining the value of a home are location and size. In the real estate business, size means Total Heated Living Area.


A recent home measure ordered by a buyer after move-in revealed an error in the MLS listing of 213 square feet. Based on the "price per square foot" quoted in the listing, the buyer over-paid $23,861. Would she have bought the home had this been discovered prior to closing? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, barring any unreported settlement, it exposes 2 brokerage firms, 2 BICs and 2 brokers to a lawsuit and disciplinary action from the NCREC.   


Listing and Due Diligence measuring services are prioritized for your convenience.

If you're fortunate enough to be a very busy broker, it's often difficult to find time to perform the home measurement for your listing, or the property is a complicated measure. How many times have you used figures from old MLS listings, or from county tax records? With that question still being pondered, how many disciplinary notices have you read in the NCREC Bulletin on Brokers using these same methods for acquiring square footage? 

And wouldn't it be great if prospective home buyers could simply go to your web site, or call your office, and request a floor plan for the home they're interested in? You just email our professionally prepared PDF property measurement report straight to them.  

Seller/Buyer Incentives

As a home buyer, it's always difficult to decide which homes to visit based solely on one or two exterior photographs and short paragraph from a local buyer's guide. Home buyers are busy people too, often coming in from out-of-town, and don't want to waste time looking at homes that will not suit their needs. 

Sellers may furnish our reports as handouts during showings or as supplements in brochures of your property. Our more detailed reports will weed out "just lookers" and bring a better informed prospect as a potential buyer!

Home Measuring Services 


Providing accurate information just for peace-of-mind, or for property tax disputes. County tax records are rarely accurate when it comes to the size of your home!

Who We Serve

Real Estate Buyers

Providing accurate measuring services for buyers who want to be sure they're getting exactly what they will be paying for at closing. 

Serving Watauga, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell & Wilkes Counties in NC and Johnson County, TN